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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

i am moving! 

my blog that is. 

check out my new home at 

if you have me in any blog rolls, could i beg you to change the address? i would love you forever! 

see you over there! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

online goes offline...CP! edition!

i am still basking in the memories of my week in MN, the time spent with some of my favorite friends and the thrill of actually meeting them face to face!

i have been blessed with some amazing friends through CollegePlus! but most of them i have never met in person. two of my favorite friends are from MN and when they told me they were planning a *huge* gathering of 30-something CP! students and their siblings, i knew i had to go.

time went on and funds, as they tend to do, had to go to things other than plane tickets and time off work...i was really, really bummed. i had been wanting to meet my friend Britt for years and same with India...years, it had also been about 3 years since i last saw Aaron, not to mention the bunch of other people i wanted to meet, but i just couldn't seem to come up with enough money for a plane ticket.  but being the wonderful friends they are, Britt called me one night and told me she needed me to take off work for a week cuz she and Aaron had figured out a plane ticket and i was coming! eeek! talk about excited! i don't think i said anything to her for several minutes.

fast forward a couple weeks and i had taken 2 trains, a light-rail bus, a couple car rides and 2 planes and was standing on the curb waiting for Britt to pick me up from the MSP airport! we were on the phone trying to figure out where the other was and when she pulled up we both were a little in awe. it was so great and kinda nerve wraking, seeing your bff who you have never met just feet away from you jumping up and down! :D

it was amazing! we got in the car and just kept looking at each other while saying "you're really here! in the car with me!" such fun! we went to Whole Foods to grab some dinner and then she took me to Centennial Lakes which to this Texan who hadn't seen green since spring was next to heaven. it was so nice. they had things like warming houses for when you ice skate on the pond. it freezes solid. *mind blown* we sat on the swing and talked for a while...until we realized we were late for the baseball game we were going to! oops! 

at the baseball game we met up with Aaron which was just as much fun as meeting Britt, minus the squealing. i had met Aaron about 3 years ago when he came to the CP! event we had out at my farm. since then we have become great friends and it was a blast seeing him again. the baseball game was fun and rather quirky and  even though i was ready to fall over tired i had a blast catching up with friends..ooh! i tried cheese curds for the first time. lemme tell ya, i am hooked! yummy! 

that was just the start of a really great week, with some amazing memories and quotes...oh the quotes..

can't wait to tell you about the rest of the week! stay tuned for part 2! 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

love speaks the same language

this past week has been a whirlwind of late nights and early mornings, laughter and the giggles of little girls, broken English and google translator, swimming, swimming and more swimming, some rollerskating, frog hunting and dog "training" rib eating and movie watching, learning to cook Korean foods and teaching how to cook American foods, music and coffee, dress-up and dolls, homeschooling discussions and prayers and lots of eating and napping! 

you see, this week we have had a very special family here visiting us and enjoying all things Texas.

 for the past couple of years, i have been Shay-Teacher, teaching English as a second language to Korean children via an online classroom, for a company called HomeSchool Friend. The K sisters were some of my first students and by far my favorite. i have met lots of their family during class and they mine, and we have talked about meeting for many, many months. Sarah (9)  has talked about my family everyday in class for a very long time, she knew all the names of our pets, family members (including Mimi and Grandad), what we like to do, what our house is like and much more, without ever having been here. i am pretty sure some days she knew more about what my family was doing than i did. she has talked about coming to visit, swim, and sleep in my room and this past week her dream came true. Sarah, Grace (5) and their parents came for a week long visit to my house. 

leading up to last week we were unsure what to expect. as much as i love and know Sarah and Grace in the classroom, we weren't really sure what the family was going to be like, since the Asian culture is so different from ours.our worries were for naught, as it turned out to be the best, most enjoyable week for both families. 

our families quickly learned that love speaks the same language. God knew a long time ago that we would all be instant friends with many heart connections and it was confirmed over and over again.  Mrs. K and my mama loved to drink coffee and look at all mama's homeschooling books. books in English are very expensive and quality reading material is hard to come by in Korea so when mama brought out all of her books she is giving away Mrs. K could hardly contain her excitement. we will be shipping about 3 boxes of books to them! what a blessing! they also enjoyed talking about childbirth and rearing, schooling, and all things mothering. it was very neat to hear just how much they did things the same way. 

dad and Mr. K enjoyed beer and ribs, baseball and  karaoke-Mr.K was a great karaoke singer!- and lots of discussion about Korea and America and the time they have spent in both countries.  it was great to see them so relaxed and able to enjoy each other's company very much. 

Mags, Sarah and Grace spent the week becoming very close sisters. Mags and Grace said they were twins and acted like it! they are so much alike it was almost scary! they swam 2-3 times a day (the girls were amazed that we have a pool), played Mother-Sister-Sister (that is what they kept calling "house"), jumped of the trampoline for the first time, ate ice cream, watched classic Disney movies, went roller skating, played Candy Land until Mags got tired of Sarah winning, dressed up, painted nails, read books, rode horses, and many other wonderful things. they girls were so excited to be here and it was wonderful to see how fast they felt at home. 

a great treat for both Sarah and i was getting to have class in person! i loved getting to sit with her and really have time to dig into what we are working on. not to mention there is so much lost in online schooling. she learned more in the last week than i have been able to teach her in months! it was wonderful to watch her grow and open up. Grace really enjoyed trying to teach me Korean. i butchered it for the most part but she would clap her hands and tell me to do it again...wonder where she got that from...she told me that "Grace-Teacher teaches Korean and Shay-Teacher teaches English". we all laughed at her antics all week...quite the silly goose, i'd say.

last night we took them to a local BBQ joint that serves dinner "family style". we found everyone cowboy boots and they thought it was the best thing ever! Mr. K kept saying how fat he would be if he stayed here much longer! on one of our trips to town Mr. K remarked how amazing it was that everyone in Texas waves when you pass them on the road. he said people in Korea wave...but it is usually with only one finger! :D we sure laughed about that! (he was quite the comedian to say the least)  

we had one of our regular music nights while they were here, with a BYOPizza and ice cream dinner. they were in awe at how many people came to our house and what a wonderful group of musicians we have. Mr. K said they could all become "movie stars" in Korea being able to play so many different instruments and sing so many different kinds of songs.

by the end of the week, we all agreed that the K family really just needed to be our neighbors. there is something to be said about two families, living across the world being able to become the best of friends.

no one wanted to leave our house today and there were plenty of tears to prove it. hugs, kisses, i love yous, and farewells took a long while after we loaded their car up. everyone held up until they were about 20 feet down the drive, then the flood gates broke. from the car you could hear sobbing since the windows were down, and Mags and i were crying on the drive way. poor Mags has been crying most of the day saying "i can't watch Cinderella, it reminds me of them!" "i just miss my sisters" "who am i ever going to play with" "i loved them soooooo much" and many other sweet things. and she is simply voicing what all of our hearts are saying. 

God blessed us with the visit of this dear, dear family in so many ways and we can't wait for them to get home so we can skype them! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

when friends become family-CWD Friends for Life 2012

i've been staring at a blank page and blinking cursor for a long while now. replaying the many scenes of last week. 

the hugs, the tears, the laughter, the fist bumps and high fives, the D-mom insisting you take her crackers and makes you sit until you feel better, the eye rolls, the 3am conversations that don't quite make sense but mean the world, the inside jokes, the introductions that go like this "hi! i'm shay! great to finally meet you" *blank stare* *lightbulb moment* "oh you mean justsamechanges?" "yup, yup that's what i mean" *hugging ensues*, the beeps and alarms that, for once aren't yours, the Perkins run at 2 in the morning, and even the prayers. 

 all of it. 

all of the little moments that turn online into offline, strangers into friends and friends into family. i am lucky to be able to say i have one heck of a family-both my blood family and my insulin family. 
some of my insulin family.
 *photo belongs to Kerri. i just borrowed it from FB
i have much more to write, many more stories to tell, but first i need another nap and a big glass of water. both of which i did not have enough of this week. but seriously, you don't go to FFL to catch up on sleep or drink water, especially when there's red drink and diet dr. pepper (aka-filth to a wonderful Aussie named Simon) 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

while i should have been packing tonight, i have been day dreaming. now i don't often let myself just sit down to think and dream. but i did and it was lovely. i learned tonight that dreaming does have it's place, within reason, and that sometimes it is just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

i am in a flurry of excitement and packing with only one week until i board the plane to head to FL for the best week of the year! So many friends are getting to come this year and i am beyond thrilled that i am joining them for the second year in a row! yay!

Saturday, June 16, 2012


sometimes, just once in awhile i wish i could share diabetes with someone for a day. not give it to them, just let them try it on for size. then maybe they'd understand just a little. understand that the reason i am sitting in the car while everyone else is cleaning up is not because i am being lazy and getting out of work. it's just because my world is literally spinning around and the only thing i can think of is juice and sleep. understand that i snapped not because i am rude or upset but because being high creates feelings i can't control. diabetes has had the upper hand the last few weeks and i hate it. 

i hate it. 

i don't want it anymore. i want to be done with highs, the lows, the pricks, the pills, the weight that just won't come off, the sites that itch, the sensors that hurt and bleed, the tubing that is a magnet for doorknobs and the brain power it takes EVERY DAY. without end.

 i am just having a crappy time. it won't last, i know. but right here, in this moment its real and hard and really hard.