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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just saw three shooting stars while feeding animals tonight....happy ending to a happy day.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

calling all my photographer friends! if you are interested and willing to help with a christmas gift shoot me an email and i will give you details. nothing to big, just an idea i have.. thanks!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


i am blessed. my family is wonderful. my God provides. we are thankful.

a random selection of pictures from this year..

 Kate and I at Harmony Hill this past Summer
 Caroline and I waiting for our clothes to be done..
 Em and I..
 Beautiful siblings...if only Caleb was looking!
 This is what CP! students do for fun when at the Farm
 And in Austin...
inside innerspace caverns...hence the crazy eyed look..
over the holidays i plan on redoing my blog a little bit. if you like what you see, comment, and i may just keep it that way =)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

oh my stars! i have to tell yall about the weepies asap! hmm maybe tomorrow...
after losing my long post about my crazy day yesterday i decided to just sum it up.
  1. worked
  2. ran late to test
  3. found parking spot after much prayer
  4. was charge half of what the new proctor fee is cause i am loved
  5. broken servers and a crazy long line at the testing center but because i had an appointment (take note people. that's what calling ahead can do) i got to go to the front of the line
  6. 30 minute wait for a computer.
  7. loud keyboards typing away and gum smackers were making me nuts
  8. tested with 45 minutes to spare!
  9. passed with a 63
  10. now have 70 credits
  11. car broke down 3 times yesterday, bringing me to tears the last time
  12. darn car
  13. went out for chinese cause my poppa is awesome
  14. got lost for 30 minutes on our way to CC family night.
  15. flopped on my bed with a long sigh
  16. slept like a baby
  17. woke up this morning and started cleaning and cooking
  18. just stopped a little while ago
  19. love you all
  20. heading out

i want this shirt!

found at old xxs..who in the world wears an xxs? that size should not even exist.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

November is National Diabetes Awareness month. A time when people who live with Diabetes day in and day out want to get the word out about this disease and to also raise money for a cure.
Yet all I have heard about is this month is Type 2 diabetes and it makes me kinda mad. Yes, I know that there is a Type 2 epidemic in America, but that is mostly due to self inflicted problems. Really America, you can almost always reverse Type 2 if you are willing to put the needed work and changes into it!
People with Type 1 don't have the luxury of popping a pill a few times a day and watching what you eat.
No, we have to live with a little bit more then that. Multiple insulin injections a day and finger sticks galore, and if you are lucky enough to be on an insulin pump, great, but that means infusion site changes every 3 days and welts that make your belly look like its polka dotted, just to name a few things.
So instead of showing the stories of middle aged, overweight people with Type 2 Diabetes on the Evening News, why not show the stories that will make people want to donate money to find a cure? Show the 8 month old who's parents have to give shots and finger sticks to multiple times a day while they all just want to cry, or the toddler who just won't eat but who's blood sugar is low, and the 8 year old who can't have a piece of birthday cake because his sugar is too high, or the parents who go to bed in fear every night that their teenage son may not wake up in the morning because his sugar went too low. Seriously, these are the stories that need a cure. The stories that cannot be changed any other way.