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Thursday, December 24, 2009

It is snowing!! In Texas! On Christmas Eve!!!

Ok, Ok so it doesn't look like this but it is really SNOWING!!! I have never ever ever seen snow on Christmas here! Yay! *I just hope it sticks....*

Red, White and Blue Christmas.....

Thinking about all the families with soldiers overseas for Christmas. I am so thankful Dad is home and that we made it through those Christmas days without him.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

wait·ing: 4 a : to be ready and available. 2 a : to look forward expectantly

I recently watched Fireproof again, and fell in love with the message this song has! (Again) I do not want to grow weary in waiting for what God's has promised.

He will not let me down. I may not get to plan how I want my life to go, but I know it will be so much better because of that!

I am waiting on so many things. So many unknowns. What am I supposed to do after school? What job am I to have? Insurance? Car? How am I going to...
Where is he? Who is he?! The list goes on.

But today is no different from any other day. So I will lay my list at His feet. I don't need it, and there will probably be a new one tomorrow. =)

I will wait.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It seems I am on the Naughty list again this year....*third year in a row*....*blarg*

Friday, December 18, 2009


You know you are jumpy when the snake skin shoes in the bottom of your closet scare you to death!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I love Christmas cookies...
and music...
and decorations...
and the meaning....
and the laughter....
and the cocoa....
and the lights....
and the smells....
and the joy....
and the bustle....
and the crazy mishaps....
and getting to say " Oh I celebrate the real meaning of " The Holidays" so Merry Christmas to you!"....
and the cold...
and the fire place...
and the stockings....
and the tree....
and the baby that SAVED the world...
and the Father that loved us that much....
and the young mother who found favor with God and trusted....
and the young father who believed what the angel said...
and the inn keeper that let them use a stall for the Prince of Peace to be born among the lambs....
and most of all, The Promise that Christmas reminds us of.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I just finished up my first test as a SOPHOMORE! Yay!

Monday, September 14, 2009

The most wonderful piece of technology, for me anyway!

The Lord is so great to me!

It has taken much longer then I had expected to get my new insulin pump but I now have both the pump and the sensor.

Originally insurance was only going to cover so much, and I was still going to have to come up with $800.00. 8-) Wow! Like I have that much cash lying around! To say I was disappointed was an understatement. * NOTE TO SELF: JUST TRUST!

Then I received a call from my Medtronic rep. telling me that he recommended me for financial aid.

Ok, I thought, maybe that would work but I was still skeptical that I could really be eligible for it. But I applied anyway and waited, and waited. I called and bugged them to no end I am sure.

Then finally, I got a call saying that I was approved for partial financial aid. All I would have to pay was $300.00!! That was much more likely to happen! Ok, I can pay that much. Pump was shipped that day!!

Two days later I was anxiously waiting for the sound of the UPS truck, since they had called and said they were coming today and needed someone to sign for it.

UPS didn't come!

Nope, instead they came the day after! I was goin crazy by then. I had waited for 13 years for something like this.

I mean, can you imagine, after 13 years of 6-10 finger pricks a day, and multiple shots a day for years, then to get something that nearly eliminates BOTH of those things? Now granted, I already had the older version of the pump and had had it for 6 of those 13 years, but was still having to check my sugar multiple times a day. So to say that I was excited was really kind of lame. I was thrilled, overjoyed, jumping off the walls!

So days later my pump finally came. The really cute pink one too ;-) I ripped open the box, ready to set it all up...and there were no sensors.

Ahhhhh! I was so frustrated.

I was ready to know what my blood sugar was every five minutes! And not have to manually do it! Talk about control! Every five minutes 24/7! I couldn't even start to do that with a meter! I was past ready! But there were no sensors to be found.

I called my pump trainer (every time I get a new pump or something, I am supposed to go through training. Yeah right! I don't like to wait, so I read the manual and call if I have any problems.) to ask where they were? She told me that insurance still had not approved them for me yet! It's understandable considering how much they cost, and how many I would go through in a months time. But still! They said it was going to take 10-14 business days! Disappointed again.

But my God is always faithful! After we had talked about insurance and sensor, she told me about the program where I could send my old pump back and get a "small" refund. Can you guess how much the "small" refund was for?

Exactly $300.00! I got a $6000.00+ insulin pump for nothing
(The pump is around $6,105. And that's just the pump. The sensor is $999. And supplies are even more!)

He always provides for every need. Even when I worry and doubt. Praise the Lord!

So that problem was solved and I eventually got the sensors. I don't think it was even a full 10 days...

Then came the hard part. Inserting the sensor. Just what is the sensor you ask, if you are still reading this long winded post that is, well here, let me consult the expert in this area. To quote the Medtronic website,

"What is a glucose sensor?

The glucose sensor is a tiny electrode worn for up to three days. Following a 2-hour initialization period, the glucose sensor measures glucose levels in the interstitial fluid, which is where cells receive oxygen and nutrients, including glucose. The glucose sensor is easily inserted by patients, caregivers or healthcare providers into the skin (subcutaneous tissue) using the automatic insertion device. Like many types of infusion sets, a needle is used to introduce the glucose sensor, but the needle is then removed leaving a tiny flexible electrode just under the skin. The glucose sensor is then connected to the transmitter so the readings from the glucose sensor can be transmitted to your insulin pump."

Did you read that? Interesting huh? Well I though so. But they said it was supposed to be done easily, they didn't say anything about the hot flashes, and clammy feeling, nor about the lightheaded-ness I was feeling while trying to push the button on the inserter! and me not being worried about needles and having a very high pain tolerance! It took me ages to push that stupid little button to insert the sensor. Though I will say, part of the problem is that is has to go in at a 45 degree angle and I like straight up and down! But I did it, finally. And it works just wonderfully! I can already see a difference in my control!

Here, I will post some pictures to show you just what I am talking about.

The Pink Pump

The inserter

The transmitter

The sensor and yes the needle is huge!

Inserter and sensor ready to go. Huge...

Cue Jaws music...I can do this, it really isn't that bad, come on Shay! Pull yourself together! Just do it!

I did it! See I knew I could! =)

The needle comes out and the plastic stays in

Attach the transmitter..

Ta-da! It will now test my interstitial fluid for glucose levels and report to me every five minutes. Letting me know if it is rising or falling and alerting me as needed. Thanks for letting me be excited and very long winded about my favorite (most expensive) piece of technology!

Catch up..not the kind you put on french fries either =)

I think that I am going to stay up late and get all my blogging ideas done! New posts coming soon..! Oh and a warning for any squeamish friends, I am going to blog about my new pump and sensor and well, it wouldn't be as fun without pictures of the process =)

Friday, September 4, 2009

I was doing a bit of reading and came across this quote by Elisabeth Elliott and was blown away by the power in which she speaks truth.

“Womanhood is a call. It is a vocation to which we respond under God, glad if it means the literal bearing of children, thankful as well for all that it means in a much wider sense, that in which ever woman, married or single, fruitful or barren, may participate--the unconditional response exemplified for all time in Mary the virgin, and the willingness to enter into suffering, to receive, to carry, to give life, to nurture and to care for others. The strength to answer this call is given us as we look up toward the Love that created us, remembering that it was that Love that first, most literally, imagined sexuality, that made us at the very beginning real men and real women. As we conform to that Love’s demands we shall become more humble, more dependent--on Him and on one another--and even (dare I say it?)more splendid.”----Elisabeth Elliott

Monday, August 24, 2009


I am so frustrated!

I had almost my whole CP! monologue typed out this weekend and well, silly me, I forgot to save it!!!!! AHHHHH

So now I have to start all over and fined the time to do it again!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tale As Old As Time....

The production of Beauty and the Beast is all consuming at the moment. So much work to do! I can't believe I have not posted about CP! yet!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I can sum up my life right now in one word. CRAZY! That's the only word that will do.
Hence the reason it has been ages since I posted anything.......

Saturday, July 25, 2009


We now interrupt the regualarly scheduled program to bring you this special bulletin:

There comes a time in the lives of young women when they JUST NEED THEIR OWN KITCHEN. Now is that time.

Now back to regularly scheduled programing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ok, ok I will tell you...

After a rather confusing degree consulting call I am ready to announce my major.


Next question: How will I use it.... :-)I guess that will come later

I AM GETTING MY NEW PUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord I am approved and getting my new pump this week!!!!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Drumroll please...

Yep I did it. I finally did it. Really, I did! Here is the proof!

I have a major!! And a degree consultation tomorrow at 12:00!!!

Oh, what is my major you ask? I think I may keep you in suspense..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I got a hair cut today!!

I haven't had one in...oh I don't know....2 years maybe? Talk about dead ends..eww

I have an addiction to short hair but for the past few years have been really really trying very hard to let it grow.Till today ;-) Actually I only got 4 (yes I said only 4. That's trim for me haha) inches + styling off but it really is amazing what just a little bit off can do.

Here is a picture of me and my short hair 2 years ago........

And my new do! I really need an in between picture to show how long and scraggly it was! :-) Oh well....

So my advice is: go get a makes a world of difference ;-)

PS. After looking at pics to find one of me with short hair, I think I want it shorter :-P

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No CP! post tonight. We ended up having company over to look at the new cow...... :)And now its time for BED!!!

I passed Western Civ 2..finally!!!

I passed my test today!

My mind is finally still and peaceful after a few days of overload. I am so relived, since I have been stressing about it for what seems like forever... God is so good!

I prayed the whole way to my testing center that He would help me make a 50 (the scoring for CLEP tests is rather odd.. the highest you can make is 80). All I wanted was to pass since the credits are rewarded on a pass or fail bases. Not how high a score you get, for the most part. Though there are exceptions.

I now have completed:
03-10-2009 Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
03-25-2009 History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 1877
04-16-2009 History of the United States II: 1865 to the Present
05-12-2009 American Government (Failed. Have to retake in November)
06-02-2009 Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648
07-14-2009 Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present
For a grand total of: 18 credit hours
Way to go me! hehe

I have truly been blessed to be able to work toward getting my degree (Major TBA) using CollegePlus! *Thinking* I will take some time and post about CP! tonight*

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Make 'em laugh...

I thought we would fall over laughing at my littlest sister this morning. It was an "out of the mouths of babes" moment.

I was cleaning the kitchen, Sky was vacuuming and the little girls were dusting. We had some music on and the little girls started to dance.

Half way through the dance E.J tells Mags "Here, come here and let me dip you" to which Mags reply's "Dip me in what, sissy"? Oh it was so funny! She had a very concerned look on her face and I just know she was thinking in ketchup!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July...A very good quote..From a very wise man..

"And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of people that these liberties are of the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever."
-Thomas Jefferson

Enough said. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Passion and Purity...and Waiting

I have been reading Passion and Purity again.

I have read it every year for the years..maybe..something like that.

Anyway, here are a couple quotes that I have been carrying around with me the past few weeks and wanted to share. I am so encouraged by Elizabeth Elliot! It's so reassuring to me that God knows my whole heart and that I am not waiting in vain!
So here I wait.

Waiting is:
Steadfastness, that is holding on;
Patience, that is holding back;
Expectancy, that is holding the face up;
Obedience, that is holding one’s self in readiness to go or do;
Listening, that is holding quiet and still so as to hear.
-S.D. Gorden

How long, Lord, must I wait?
Never mind, child. Trust me.
-Elisabeth Elliot
It always leaves me in wonder and amazement how much "stuff" I can lay at the foot of the Cross.

Yet my Savior never gets overwhelmed or stressed. He doesn't want to strangle me when I ask Him the same question over and over and over again. He doesn't get annoyed with me when I whine. Why can't I be like that? Why can't I have that kind of patience daily? Oh, to be like Jesus.

Then I think of all the other people that are pouring out their hearts to Him at the same exact time!

And I think that I am overwhelmed ? Sure I have a lot to deal with sometimes. There's lots of work at work, family to help, school to try and keep up with (failing that one at the moment..), farm chores to do, and just day to day life to live.

But how much more does my Father have to deal with? Then, not only Him, but the rest of creation! He takes all of our burdens, stress, and weakness.

Comparatively, my stress is small, my overwhelmed feeling is next to nothing, my worries are tiny. He has the whole worlds worth of "stuff" to deal with (and we all know, its more then we can think about!) And the world has all its own garbage.

Wow! When I think about it that way..... I have it easy.

I have a wonderful job, a loving family, the perfect school situation (how many people can say those things?) healthy animals, and I am alive so I can bring glory to God in ALL my day to day stuff!

Sure makes me think twice about having a poor attitude.

Once again, sorry if this is jumbled and confusing... just wanted to"put" it somewhere :-)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hungry anyone?

More Pictures....

Of Chopsticks and Eggrolls

My family always loves it when I get creative in the kitchen.

And the other night was no exception! We (the girls and I) decided to have a "foreign" dinner.

We used to do this more often know how it goes...

Anyway, We made Shrimp Stir-fry and homemade Egg Rolls (thanks to my dear friend for the recipe) Yumm! Oh and homemade Sweet and Sour sauce.... So much better then anything you can buy!

The preparation was so much fun! Everyone helped and I will have to say, the boys got the best Egg Roll award...

I hope to add subtitles but for now the pictures will have to do. (Thanks to Sky for being the photographer since my hands were messy..)

Hope you aren't hungry ;-)

Monday, June 29, 2009

I am overwhelmed at the moment with Western Civ. 2! Wish I could blog...maybe later...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Please bear with me as I learn the art of blogging! Any suggestions are more then welcome!

Next post: CollegePlus!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goat Baby!

Allow me to introduce Shirley Temple.
Isn't she cute?

She comes from a long line of favorite goats. Her mother is Ginger, who is my current favorite. Her grandmother was Mae, who died last year from polio, and was my best all around goat. Mae was a beautiful milker, wonderful mother and strong matriarch. Anyway, I am excited that the line continues... :) I now have 8 babies born this spring. And all but 2 are girls! I love years like this. Of course, next year it will be all bucks....

This was how I had been feeling lately.

Not that I really do stupid things (OK, so turning the blender on without a lid wasn't that smartest.. but who hasn't done that?)

No, it's more like I have been relying on coffee fumes, so to speak, and not The Word of God for my strength, mind clarity,and energy. No wonder I haven't been motivated to be a hard worker, a diligent student, a helpful daughter, a loving sister, and a sweet friend.

So a few weeks ago I stopped everything. No school, no work, only a few chores, no computer, no nothing! And I spent a week reading my Bible, spent more time praying then I have in awhile, and spent time doing some re-evaluating of priority's.

Talk about refreshed! God is so good to me. Even when I keep putting Him off for later, He is always ready to pour Himself into me if I just seek Him alone. I have once again accepted God’s idea of me, and my whole life is an offering back to Him of all that I am and all that He wants me to be. (To borrow from Elizabeth Elliot) He is in control of my life! I offer it willingly. Freely. Happily. Like the old hymn says, 'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus...
Hope this isn't to jumbled.... I had to get it out :)

Ps. I still love coffee though!

This was the most amazing cloud I have ever seen. Wow! I serve a beautiful Creator!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My first post!

Testing, testing, 123. Yep it works!