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Monday, February 15, 2010

20 Things I want to do....not today, not before I die, just things I want to do.

*these are in no special order.*

1. Go to the Olympics. Not compete, just watch.
2. Take a picture of the sunset in each state.
3. See my brother on Broadway
4. Be buried in snow. (still alive. just in a cave or something=)
5. Faint
6. Read and write Hebrew.
7. Spend some time in Europe and Israel
8. Learn to speel =) (spell)
9. Finish SCHOOL!
10. Meet the most amazing guy, get engaged in the most amazing way, plan the most amazing wedding, have the most amazing wedding, have the most amazing honeymoon, be the most amazingly wonderful homemaker, have the most amazing kids....... you get the picture
11. Go to heaven BEFORE I die
12. Sew a dress with sleeves.. (I hate sewing sleeves btw)
13. Train my horse....
14. *whisper* fit into my favorite clothes
15. Have my shoe size shrink
16. Be in a cooking competition and cook like Julia
17. Memorize a whole book of the Bible....hmm I can't even remember yesterday.
18. Learn to play my guitar
19. Frame all my pictures
20. Wear a pencil skirt. *whisper* when I am skinny ;)

So yeah, here are some of the many things I want to do.
What do you think?


  1. Ooooh! Nice! Frame all your pictures, that sounds like a great idea! I love shopping for picture frames.

  2. Start with III John. It's like 3/4 of a page long. And it a whole book!

  3. What do I say? "I HEAR YA, GIRL!" :D ;)
    #10 is especially universally poignant. :P