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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

and 2 1/2 months go bye.......

yes, i know. i am a terrible blogger. i promised pictures and stories of our trip and i come back once again, empty handed. you see, the problem is that all of our good pictures are on my momma's computer and she does not let any of us "kids" on it. ever. so i must wait till she burns me a cd..maybe it will happen this year...but until then you will just have to keep waiting. it will be worth it though.

summer is coming to an end, my friends. so very quickly too. i am happy that fall is on its way and with it comes sweaters and crisp days, pumpkin spice lattes and a good book. oh i can just feel the happiness that winter months bring and i am glad.

some highlights that i am looking forward to this fall: october brings lots of new faces to bartlett as we host a collegeplus! camping week. my sisters friend is coming down from ky to stay with us and my momma's friend is coming from ohio. our dear friend is getting married and the wedding promises to be gorgeous *makes reminder to find a dress!* and my dear sisters 13th birthday.
and november brings my sisters 19th birthday, the weepies concert and of course thanksgiving. oh i cannot wait.

summer was a busy one this year. and hot! we broke all kinds of heat records, unfortunately. it was one of those summers where it is too hot to even swim....
some summer highlights: our trip to harmony hill singing school. going up north to see so many sights and wonderful family and friends. an over abundant crop of plums, peaches, grapes and pears, we have so many jars of jams, butters, candied items, and wine we shall be set for many a months. new kittens, a few sad deaths on the farm and many blissful nights under the stars. i know that there were many other small moments, good and bad, that made up our life this summer but those are the main things.

God has been teaching me some things about myself that i am very thankful for. how is it that we humans get so caught up in day to day things that we forget the big picture sometimes? He has also been showing me that good intentions are still just intentions. its been interesting.

so tell me about your summer highlights and what you are most looking forward to this fall. go ahead.

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  1. summer highlights? ---
    meeting y'all! ;)
    aaand all the camps...and new people...and...just...summer. ::sigh::

    fall? ---
    weepies! yaay! and moving to texas...and getting a car (hopefully. please pray)...and taking piano lessons...and my friend's wedding!

    can't wait to see pictures from y'alls trip...again. :)