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Friday, May 20, 2011

back among the living

i have thought about blogging and talked myself out of it countless times over the past month and a half..why i talked myself out i dunno. but here i am and with so much to tell you! life is constantly changing and i am still learning to go with it.

so where to start, where to start?

my poor car finally died. all dead. no more mostly dead. dead as a doornail (where did that saying come from anyway?) as you can imagine it has put a damper on my social life....oh right, i don't have much of one anyway..ok, it has put a damper on working. big time. and without work its kinda hard to buy a new car, ya know?

but as always, i shouldn't worry..... i was excited to start training for a new job with Homeschool Friend in march, at least i think it was march. anyway, HF as we will call it, is an awesome program that works with Korean students who want to learn English! it is all online via an online classroom. the students are all in Korea and i am in my bedroom. i teach 7 students in a 1:1 class tuesday-friday. its great! the only downside is that with the time difference i start classes at 5am...yes, in the morning! the first week it was easy to get up, the second week..not so much, the third week was better and i am glad that it is becoming a habit to get up when i need to. so for now it is holding me over while i look for more things i can do from home.

next: i will "celebrate" my 15 year anniversary of being a diabetic this august. i have also been in a terrible burnout when it comes to diabetes. so i applied for a scholorship to Friends For Life Diabetes Conference in FL . I had to write three essays talking about my biggest challenge in living with diabetes, my community involvement, and what i hope to gain from going to the conference. *side-note: i have found i really love to write once i start..and never fear, i do use punctuation and all that jazz when writing something important  ;) anyway, i wrote it with the full expectation of not winning. i have never won ANYTHING in my life! but guess what? yep, I WON! i am getting to go to fl. july 5-10th for a week of all things diabetes and disney! i am sooo excited i can hardly contain myself!

next: friends are wonderful and such a pain all at the same time.

next: i painted my bathroom and bedroom. no more yucky purpleish pink! its a lovely green that goes oh so well with the brown. love it!

next: rainy evenings when you are sick with a cold are the best times to blog. its a well known fact.

next: i am in love with pushing daisies. its too bad i can only watch one or 2 episodes a week....

next: i have never read "Farewell to Arms" and never want to. just an fyi.

next: my hair is now past my shoulders. hurray me!

next: i want to read some jeeves and wooster.

next: i can't remember what else i wanted to say.

next: i love you!

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