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Friday, August 12, 2011

blue candles

i couldn't sleep very well last night. not because i wasn't tired but because my mind would not shut off...

in 3 days i will be celebrating my 15 year mark with diabetes. it's not always been easy but in 15 years i have never had a seizure, been in DKA or had any serious problems.

i am so thankful for all of those things. especially when i see blue candles.  it hits close to home so much more now that i am older and understand that no matter how hard you work at keeping diabetes in check, sometimes it has a mind of its own.

you see, the blue candles are in remembrance of two young girls that passed away this week due to diabetes. one who didn't wake up the next morning and one who had a stroke. 

it hits close to home when you have so many people you care about with diabetes, friends, family and friends who are like family. not to mention myself...there have been scary middle of the night lows, times when i couldn't even call for help or wake myself up fully. i know for me, i tend to down play diabetes a lot. its just a part of life, no big deal. 

until you see blue candles and realize for a moment that it is a big deal. that families are grieving losses that should not have been lost. and it makes me sad. 

so i light blue candles and pray for the families that have lost so much this week.

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  1. Congrats on the 15 year mark! Sounds funny to type that, but I guess each day is something to celebrate. Seeing the blue candles always makes me sad. I usually play down having diabetes also--like, oh, it's not a big deal..I just deal with it and it's fine...but more and more I'm seeing the hardship of it and the emotional (and physical) havoc it can wreak! I'll be thinking of those families too..