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Monday, January 16, 2012

i'm selling my car. 
i suppose it is a good thing, but she is going to the scrap yard and i feel a bit like i am selling my great aunt to 
an organ harvester. 
morbid? yeah just a bit. 
but i love this dear old piece of junk. 

on our way to TN. i made Sarah drive most always. 
Verruca was my first car, a gift from my parents upon my graduation from high school
i was cleaning her out tonight and thinking of all of the memories that have been 
made with that silly old car. 

such as 
on our way to harmony hill! loaded! 

just driving down the road..
  • my first blow out. at night. driving across the country. at night. on the highway. 
  • driving with my dear friend, helping him study (reading and driving is not good) and stopping on the side of the road to smell the hay field. 
  • cramming eight people in to go find some indian food and getting lost in Nashville. oh, the funny part? the three full grown guys piled in the rear facing rumble seat, writing notes to those behind us at stop lights. 
  • rolling the windows and sunroof down, turning the radio full blast (before the speakers blew, that it) and just driving. 
  • always carrying 2 keys since one would always get stuck in the door. 
  • getting lost. often.
  • the mice that lived in my A/C duct. when i turned it on baby mice and bits of the nest would fall out of the intake. eww! thank you teenage boys for taking care of it!
  • all the places we went.
  • burning my legs on the leather seats in July.
  • the smell when the can of air freshener blew lasted for ever. 
  • the night my parents took me to test drive her, falling in love and then them saying no, only to get a key for graduation. 
  • the talks that have been had in that car.
  • the prayers and tears that have been had in that car. 
  • the things that have been carried in that car. 
  • the bonding that happened in that car. 
just a glimpse of some of the memories that have been made thanks to that crazy, money sucking, wonderful old car. 

i know its just a bunch of rubber, metal, plastic, and leather but i am still a bit sad as another chapter of my life ends. 
thanks for the memories. 

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