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Monday, May 28, 2012

Thankful for SOLDIERS and FAMILIES who serve and selflessly leave their homes, their extended families, their comfort, their possessions and follow orders every day!!!
Family members who have served.......
Major Bobby S. Nicholson, Steve D. Bodak, Sr., John B. Bodak- USS Argonnaut, James Bodak, Andrew Bodak, Edward Lohr, Charles Lohr, David C. Nicholson, Corporal E-4 Steve D. Bodak, Jr., CSM Randall Johnston, William C. Sale, Sgt. E-5 John Raymond Bodak, Rex David Nicholson, 1Lt. David Bodak, LTC John Frink...with many others I've forgotten or never known! 

Friends who have or still are serving........
CSM Rodney Caesar, SFC Dick West, Marcus and Morgan Luttrell-brothers and Navy Seals, Bill Henderson, Fred Yakush, Carl Dooley, Joseph Laehu, Richard Pine, Dan Baumhardt, Richard Bartosh, Clint McWhorter, Stewart Taylor, Robert Boone, Steve Burzlaff, Frank Morrisey, SFC Tom Hordnes, Patrick Schanley, Jesse Pratt, Peter Schrantz, Jonathan Moss, Col. Kirk Eggleston, Jesse Steltzer, Dennis Coker, Michelle Smith, Patrick Buckley, CPT Keith Herzog, Seth Hill, Jesse Brewer- Navy Seal, Micah Ables- West Point, Katherine Hill, Drew Schroeder, Alan Martinez, Patrick Morrisey and many others. We honor you today and every day!

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