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Thursday, September 13, 2012

online goes offline...CP! edition!

i am still basking in the memories of my week in MN, the time spent with some of my favorite friends and the thrill of actually meeting them face to face!

i have been blessed with some amazing friends through CollegePlus! but most of them i have never met in person. two of my favorite friends are from MN and when they told me they were planning a *huge* gathering of 30-something CP! students and their siblings, i knew i had to go.

time went on and funds, as they tend to do, had to go to things other than plane tickets and time off work...i was really, really bummed. i had been wanting to meet my friend Britt for years and same with India...years, it had also been about 3 years since i last saw Aaron, not to mention the bunch of other people i wanted to meet, but i just couldn't seem to come up with enough money for a plane ticket.  but being the wonderful friends they are, Britt called me one night and told me she needed me to take off work for a week cuz she and Aaron had figured out a plane ticket and i was coming! eeek! talk about excited! i don't think i said anything to her for several minutes.

fast forward a couple weeks and i had taken 2 trains, a light-rail bus, a couple car rides and 2 planes and was standing on the curb waiting for Britt to pick me up from the MSP airport! we were on the phone trying to figure out where the other was and when she pulled up we both were a little in awe. it was so great and kinda nerve wraking, seeing your bff who you have never met just feet away from you jumping up and down! :D

it was amazing! we got in the car and just kept looking at each other while saying "you're really here! in the car with me!" such fun! we went to Whole Foods to grab some dinner and then she took me to Centennial Lakes which to this Texan who hadn't seen green since spring was next to heaven. it was so nice. they had things like warming houses for when you ice skate on the pond. it freezes solid. *mind blown* we sat on the swing and talked for a while...until we realized we were late for the baseball game we were going to! oops! 

at the baseball game we met up with Aaron which was just as much fun as meeting Britt, minus the squealing. i had met Aaron about 3 years ago when he came to the CP! event we had out at my farm. since then we have become great friends and it was a blast seeing him again. the baseball game was fun and rather quirky and  even though i was ready to fall over tired i had a blast catching up with friends..ooh! i tried cheese curds for the first time. lemme tell ya, i am hooked! yummy! 

that was just the start of a really great week, with some amazing memories and quotes...oh the quotes..

can't wait to tell you about the rest of the week! stay tuned for part 2! 


  1. LOVE! so glad you had an epic time ^_^

  2. Yay for bringing online friends offline. The moment of meeting for the first time IRL is priceless!

  3. Yay! So glad you had such a great time. I know that travel schedules are busy and hectic, but next time you're in Minnesota we need to find a way to connect and say hi!

  4. @ sara- yes! priceless is right! i just want to bottle up all the first IRL meetings and open them on rainy days....

    @scott- i know! i thought about you and Heather so many times that week! next time!