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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So I had a nice long post going and lost it. After my day today I really don't want to start it over...

Ever have one of those days that you just want to be over as soon as possible? Today was one of those days. Golly, even this week was one of those weeks....

This past weekend was a girls weekend while the boys were at the State Homeschool Baseball Tournament, which was nice except we had to milk the cow.

I hate cows. All cows. I hate milk too. Especially when a sister (who shall remain nameless) squirts it all over my feet. Oh and I hate cow slobber.

I like goats. Nice calm goats. Baby goats. Not cows.

Anyway, the horses broke the fence down. Well let me put it this way. The horses stepped over the very lame thing we call a fence and Cicada had a fun time letting the billy goats out.

The goat who was not supposed to be pregnant had a baby.

Sky and I got quite sick. I had ketones and felt terrible for longer then I cared too. Any kind of sickness really messes with my diabetes....bleh!

E.J got hit in the mouth with a softball and chipped, cracked, and broke several teeth. Not a good thing, especially when you are 12. She was able to have them all repaired though. Just pray that the bonds hold.

The sewage line backed up all over my bathroom and onto a small part of my carpet. The plumbers took 2 days to get out here and fix the problem so we were without water for 2, almost 3 days. Not fun. At all.

And last but not least, running Mali (E.J.'s rabbit) to the vet a few times. Poor dear, She had to be put to sleep today. E.J was really sad.

So yeah, long week. Can't wait till its over. Sorry to be so melancholy....

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  1. Such a long and sad week! I hope the weekend goes better for you. Remember we go through life and trials for a reason. I will be praying for ya and E.J.