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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CIA sisters...aka goofing off in the kitchen while making dinner

Back story: I have a keen eye for anything (ANYTHING) out of place in my room, bathroom, car, ect. I know exactly how the bobby pins on the counter looked when I left the bathroom, what pens were moved on my desk, and what sister stole my flat iron without even looking. And Sky has a sharp mind and tongue =) Anyway, I know if someone has been in my stuff or in my room so I knew as soon as I got home that Sky had showered in my shower. Here is a bit of our conversation about it.

Sky: "Oh hey, I forgot to tell you I showered in your shower today."
Shay: "Yeah I know. I could tell someone was in there. The toys were moved..." **
Sky: "The CIA should hire you".
Shay:"Yeah I am just that good. They should hire us!
Sky: "Yeah, we could be like, the CEO of the CIA."
Shay:"Cause together we would be unstoppable!"
Sky:"Totally, cause you're OCD. And ADD and I am like, totally, FBI ( Fun, beautiful and intelligent) =)
Shay:"We could rule the world".....
Sky:"with this thumb". (movie quote: Ratatouille)

**No I do not play with toys in the shower! Mags does.

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