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Monday, April 19, 2010

For the first time in my 12 years of raising goats I have a special needs kid, two in fact. But one is doing much better then my little guy.

But this was the first! First. In. 12. Years. Totally not happy about that fact...

I now am getting way to attached to a sweet, helpless, tiny, one eyed baby. Yep, he was born with only one eye. He is the smallest of triplets (all boys btw) that were born yesterday. Their Momma had late pregnancy toxemia and was on 'round the clock care so it is not surprising that there are issues. Poor little guy was so weak he could barely nurse and was quite dehydrated. Its crazy how fast a little one can go down...

He has the cutest ears (half lamancha half boar will do that) and is so tiny and with only one eye and a big under bite, he melts my heart. Oh and Aggie's too. She has totally adopted him and thinks he is just the cutest she has ever seen =) and that equals lots and lots of slobber baths..

But still.. I really did not want to have to be up every hour tube feeding a baby although anyone should know that the more needy, helpless, rejected, and unwanted they are the more I love caring for them =) So now I have a one day old, one eyed, dehydrated, tiny, crossbreed buckling living in my room. My parents just love when I bring the "livestock" in the house! =P I just hope he gets better fast so that I don't have to be up every hour with him..I like my sleep you know ;-)

Oh and he does not have a name yet. So if you have any ideas pass'em on! I hope to get some pics up later so you can see just how adorable he is.


  1. Awwww...God grant you (and Aggie hehe) stamina as you care for such a dear little thing!