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Wednesday, February 2, 2011 smaller forms...

the countdown to my birthday has begun. in a mere 16 days i will turn 23. in some ways i am facing a few giants on that day, but to my joy some have already been defeated for me.

giant #1: ever since i graduated high school -no, even before that- i have dreaded turning 23 because i lose medical insurance. being a college student with a very minor income AND no insurance, AND very expensive med supplies is not a pretty combo in my mind. to say that i have stressed, prayed, figured, and worried (lather, rinse, repeat) is an understatement..

everything that my parents and i had tried to figure was still going to cost more then i had and there just was no easy answer. military insurance is just plain awesome and nothing was even coming close. last thursday i had what was supposed to be my very last pedi-endo appointment (yes, i am 22 and yes i still see a pediatric endocrinologist. it's rather funny when i check in and go sit in the little brightly colored chairs and watch cartoons..tehehe) with the best Doctor in the whole wide world! i adore my Dr. S. She is just super duper fabulously wonderful and i was on the verge of tears about this being our last visit! till my poppa called with some wonderful news! he had found an extension  program for military dependents with chronic illnesses that will cover me for 36 more months! THAT'S 3 YEARS! same insurance, same Doctor, same everything!

God is just so amazing!

giant #2:

so most of y'all know from either talking with me or reading my blog that singleness has not always been (ok, almost never) a place of contentment for me. almost all of my local friends and *all* my childhood friends are married with kids, and while i enjoy being "auntie shay", i just felt like i was being left behind and really struggled with it.
 till a little over a week ago. something just kinda clicked. my attitude did a 360*. i am happy to be single. i have such great opportunities to serve, help and love in ways that i couldn't were i married. and that made me HAPPY! do i want to get married? oh yes. want a family? oh please! but not right now. i am happy to be where i am. i have growing to do first. i have things to do, places to see, degrees to finish, people to help and life to live.  i am content to let friends be friends, couples be couples, singles be singles and most of all God be God. He knows far more then i do, and His plan is far better then mine could ever be. in that area and every other, even if that means being single for a year, 10 years, or even the rest of my life. i am 100% ok with that. the feeling of release was beautiful. and so another giant in my life bites the dust.

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  1. #1 - AWESOME!!!!
    #2 - AWESOME!!!!

    (Happy almost birthday! :D )