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Thursday, February 17, 2011

highs and lows..

i have been dealing with unexplained highs every night this week. thanks to 300 and 400s i have also had ketones every night. (why is it that the work "ketones" is not in the spellcheck dictionary?)  blel! thanks to the extra insulin for highs and ketones i end up low in the middle of the night.

 i am trying hard not to be too frustrated with my CGM but it has only caught one of those lows, my parents and my service dog in training caught the others.
just another reason i still live at home. i am not a fan of 
the high-low coaster...and the very groggy and tired feeling i have once i get off the darn thing!
i am hoping diabetes plays nice this weekend as it is my birthday and i 
have lots of fun things planned!

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