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Friday, September 9, 2011

the one where i compare texting to a greasy pizza

in the crazy world of technology and "connective-ness" i feel disconnected.

 i feel like i have, in some ways and to some degree, traded personal, deep connections with people for social media and technical relationships. don't get me wrong,  facebook, twitter, google+ hangouts, buzz, skype, text messaging and instant messaging are all great for quick check-ins or whatnot but not so much for deep, personal friendships and relationships. i want real life. i want deep. i want personal. not fluff.

 i have been relating such things to food. (imagine that, right?)

when compared with a face to face chat over coffee, a phone call or even a hand written letter (yes, people still write letters, and who doesn't love getting something other than junk mail!?) the rest kinda seems like junk food.  and one cannot live on greasy pizza alone. you need a salad to go with it. and sometimes, you just need to drop the pizza all together.

that is where i am. i am going on a diet.

 i am swapping out facebook and texting (for the most part. i will still be texting, but more for a quick "hey you" than for conversations) for phone calls.

buzz, google+ hangouts and im-ing for hand written letters.

and dropping the rest all together. facebook and twitter will be deactivated after the weekend, so if you would like my email, address or phone number, shoot me a message before monday.

 i will still be blogging and if you were to email me, i would defiantly reply. if you text me, i will respond but it might be with a phone call sometimes. after this weekend,  life is going to get just a little simpler.

so, if you are local, lets go to the park or go have coffee. ( i am pretty much broke right now so i will be drinking filtered ice water, but i think it is possible to get a caffeine buzz just from the smell...)

lets plan a movie night or a scrabble game.

i know you are busy and so am i, but let's make time.

if you aren't so local or even if you are and would like a handwritten letter or two, i would love to write you! send me a message with your address and lets keep in touch. i have boxes of cards and stationary just waiting to be used! oh and stamps. lots and lots of stamps, 'cause i am a bit obsessed with cool stamps..and buy them even if i don't need them....yeah i know.....

i may even buy some new pens just for the occasion.


  1. This is a brilliant backlash to the way technology is taking over our relationships. I've swapped thousands of text messages with people that I've only spent a few hours with. I've emailed people who I hardly know, hoping to get to know them better.

    But I'm a coffee date girl.

    I love sippin' on something and sharing life. Paddling down rivers and discussing what is on the heart.

    Technology can only do so much. People need people. Not screens.

  2. I was just having a text conversation (HA!) with a friend last night about how technology really doesn't help us feel any less lonely.