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Saturday, May 1, 2010


My dear Blog,

No I have not forgotten you. Sorry if you thought I did, but I have been busy living my abundantly full and slightly hectic life. I thought I would post a few highlights and low points from the past few weeks to catch you up.

  • The boys and their baseball team made it safely to FL and have been doing very well at the Homeschool World Series. They play on Saturday for 5 place out of 28 (I think) teams. WAY TO GO CHARGERS!
  • The little buck, who we named Tucker, died after a very long week of almost consent care. Poor little thing.....
  • Came to the conclusion that my cat is pregnant. And for the record, yes I did just claim her after months of saying "NO she is not my cat!" poor parents..... =)
  • I found out just how much I hate, loath, despise and abominate cows. Namely, the one called Betty that I have had to milk everyday...
  • I finally took my English Composition with Essay exam. While I won't find out my scores for several weeks I am very confident that I passed.
  • I got to hang out with my dear friend Kathryn this week! We went on a picnic and were swarmed by ugly ducks. Such adventures!
  • Oh! I have been working out everyday.....and my arms are in a constant jello-ish state.
  • The wildflowers are fantastic this year and I have no less then 4 bouquets in my room daily!
  • Went to see Alice in Wonderland a few weeks ago.....dreadful movie....don't waste your time or money.
  • All my bees died over the winter (thanks to, snow. cows. and gravity)..and I am just now cleaning up the hive....
  • We now have 23 goats and 10 of them are BUCKS! dash it all.
  • Cicada, my horse that I have raised from a foal, is finally ride-able enough for younger siblings to be on! E.J. did have a lesson in spooked horses and trees but neither are worse for wear.
  • I am considering being the "Momma dog rescue" person for our local shelter as the current one is moving and I just can't bear the thought of them putting a dog to sleep just cause she is pregnant. My poor parents.....=)
  • My cat bit my nose and I probably should have just put an earring in the hole and been done with the whole thing ;-P
  • I finally cleaned my room.
  • Mags has grown and changed so much the past month, it is so amazing to watch her grow. And crazy to think mom was my age when I was Mags age! Oh, husband where art thou?!
  • I only have a few more CLEPs left and then its on to DANTES!
  • I am considering getting my Masters...we shall see when I am done with my BA...
  • Our pool is no longer pea soup green
  • My dad lost his job a couple weeks ago. Please pray that he finds something sooner rather then later.
  • I recently did a photo shoot for my sister's best friends, Senior pictures. They turned out so good. I had really forgotten how much I loved being behind a camera
  • I got hired to do a family session. Praise the Lord for more income!
  • I am getting tired of things dying. For 2 weeks in a row I have had a goat die. That never happens. Like ever. All my animals live way past the average age and are totally healthy. Just ask my dad, he will tell you everything lives past its welcome at our farm.. But this week one of my best purebreed show goats died. Long story but we ended up rushing her to the vet in the back of my Volvo cause dad has the truck, she died at the vets. He did a autopsy and found a huge tumor that had enveloped many of her organs. He did find 2 kids but they were to small to ever have made it anyway.
  • I think I am finally tired.
  • I am now going to bed
  • Goodnight, world.


  1. It sounds like it's been and interesting and rough time with your goats. :( I'm sorry. It must be really hard on you.

  2. You are super, you know that? :hugs: