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Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have spent the last week going through family photos so that I could put together a slide show for Sky's graduation ( Graduation was last weekend but I am just now getting this posted) and found some really great pictures of days gone by...

Mom, Dad, Sky and I..look at the matching dresses we all have on! Talk about the 90s!

I am not really sure what kind of face I am making here....sneezing maybe?Grease Birthday party! Why did I ever stop wearing such red lipstick? Ya know, I worry about us sometimes....
Oh the awkward years...not so pretty.....

One word sums this one up.....ragamuffins...or maybe hillbillies...
My graduation day family picture. Oh how I love all those people!
Family vacation, we were in Louisiana I think. Mmmh GUMBO sounds really good!
My beautiful sister!

I love these senior pics of Sky! They are just fabulous!
One of my favorite baby sisters =)Thoroughly Modern Millie!
Can you tell we are related? Yeah just a bit...

Sky and I at the ball...We love how I am holding a the 1800s..

Those are just a taste of all the wonderful pictures I have found. I am so thankful for memories and so glad that the Lord gave me such wonderful people to share them with.


  1. That is an awesome snapshot of your past. Looks like it was filled with fun and great family.

  2. yay! now i know what the rest of y'all look like. this is good.