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Monday, May 10, 2010

Sad day =(

I have found out through trial and error that I am allergic to my baby. *Giggle* How many people ever get to say that and it be true? After 2 weeks of itching, sneezing and snot I decided to pass her on to someone else. I debated with myself the whole way to deliver her but after a sneezing fit that produced a bloody nose I decided it was defiantly time. =) I think we will both be better off.
I sure did not want to risk making myself allergic to all my other babies with my immune system compromised..... But boy was she fun! I would totally do it again in a heartbeat and hope to someday raise one all the way to release. How fulfilling would that be?

The really neat thing was she acted like a kitten and a puppy!

She loves/loved to play and wrestle. That is one of the hard parts of raising a singleton, no built in playmates.

Oh and on another note, we have been working like mad in preparation for Sky's graduation and party this weekend! Where does the time go? It has been really fun looking through old pictures. Once I get them all on my computer I will have to post some! I am sure you will chuckle.
I had my 12th baby goat born today...can you guess what it was? Yeah, a buck. He now brings the buck count up to 10!!!!!!!!!!! Please just shoot me!!!!! =)

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  1. Oh my foxy allergies! What a treat to have her while you did though!