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Thursday, July 2, 2009

It always leaves me in wonder and amazement how much "stuff" I can lay at the foot of the Cross.

Yet my Savior never gets overwhelmed or stressed. He doesn't want to strangle me when I ask Him the same question over and over and over again. He doesn't get annoyed with me when I whine. Why can't I be like that? Why can't I have that kind of patience daily? Oh, to be like Jesus.

Then I think of all the other people that are pouring out their hearts to Him at the same exact time!

And I think that I am overwhelmed ? Sure I have a lot to deal with sometimes. There's lots of work at work, family to help, school to try and keep up with (failing that one at the moment..), farm chores to do, and just day to day life to live.

But how much more does my Father have to deal with? Then, not only Him, but the rest of creation! He takes all of our burdens, stress, and weakness.

Comparatively, my stress is small, my overwhelmed feeling is next to nothing, my worries are tiny. He has the whole worlds worth of "stuff" to deal with (and we all know, its more then we can think about!) And the world has all its own garbage.

Wow! When I think about it that way..... I have it easy.

I have a wonderful job, a loving family, the perfect school situation (how many people can say those things?) healthy animals, and I am alive so I can bring glory to God in ALL my day to day stuff!

Sure makes me think twice about having a poor attitude.

Once again, sorry if this is jumbled and confusing... just wanted to"put" it somewhere :-)

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  1. Shay what a lovely post. Again I am impressed with your gift of communicating effectively through written language. Your writing style is easy to read and touches my heart.

    Mrs. P